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Ancient Wisdom Rising exists because people like you recognize how essential it is
to keep the ancient fires of wisdom and tradition burning.

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Thank you for making the journey to Ancient Wisdom Rising at the Blue Deer Center!

Sobonfu Somé (Dagara, Burkina Faso), Oren Lyons (Turtle Clan, Onondaga), Eliot Cowan (Huichol, Sierra Madres), Joan Henry (Traditional Song Carrier and Lead Drummer, Tsalagi), and Lama Tenzin Rinpoche (Bön Buddhism, Tibet)

"What you are creating here I actually think it is a source of inspiration, and I'm hoping that more people will get inspired by what you are doing here and can also join hands in supporting this sacred community to grow and to bloom in the world because we all need it. Everyone needs to have an ancient fire rising in them."
"Having these meetings and having this kind of discussion is at least one perspective. I don't say, ‘We know everything’. I say, ‘This is what we know, if it’s helpful in the overall process of survival... It's a good time to try hard, it's a good time to work for the next seven generations.’ You are leaders and you are trying hard to do something because you see something.  You have to be able to see. What I've learned over time is that people have a very hard time understanding concepts but they understand examples. So if you put an example out there, they move right away. They understand that and off they go..."

"From the perspective of the people who come as participants, it is a rare and wonderful opportunity to experience, to get the feel, the vibration of what ancient wisdom teachings and practices are and what they have to offer, to steep themselves, at least for a few days, in ancient wisdom brought here by Elders who are well connected to these wisdom traditions. It’s a rare experience, it’s not so easy to come by these days."



The Living River
In the New York Catskills, a river heals hearts and shares visions of spirit

In the green folds of the Catskills, many waters run. Water is sacred.  How do we know? Dakota elder Tom Goldtooth says, "If you want to (more)

Indigenous Seeds Feed the Future
The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, the U.N. International Day of Indigenous Peoples and AWR

offer glimpses of a sustainable future--by embracing the Indigenous teachings of the past...(more)

Wendy's Dream
An AWR volunteer experiences a vision of the healing grace within community 

"I'd like to share a dream I woke up to this morning- perhaps it will be the juicy carrot that draws you to the conference..."       (more)

Natalie's Story
A first-timer, unfamiliar with Sacred Fire Foundation, is moved in unexpected ways

"All I knew was that I was yearning to learn more about something that I did not yet have words to describe; and I wanted to jump in with both hands and feet..."       (more)

Jennifer's Story
Sitting with the elders opens a new connection with the world

“They are listening, they know.” Chief Oren Lyons says about the geese. These geese circled over our heads and honked while we made offerings of tobacco, chocolate, copal and wood...   (more)


Why It's Essential to be There
Experience your own innate connection to the living world.

It's one thing to read that "everything is sacred," but it's quite another to experience it. Ancient Wisdom Rising offers a rare setting where you can begin to experience ............(more)


Lama Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche Accepted Wisdom Fellowship Award 

Above: Tibetan Bon elder Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche accepting Sacred Fire Foundation's second annual Wisdom Fellowship Award at Ancient Wisdom Rising.

Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, founder and spiritual director of Ligmincha Institute, is an acclaimed author as well as a highly respected and beloved teacher to students throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche was one of the first to bring the precious Bön teachings to the West.  He was chosen for this year's Wisdom Fellowship Award in recognition of his international work to preserve and promote the Bön tradition, the original indigenous tradition of the Tibetan people.

To learn more about Rinpoche's work, please visit Ligmincha Institute

"I personally had a wonderful time. I learned a lot, I felt a connection with the people and I think as a principle what you are trying to do here is very much needed in the world today: preserving the indigenous traditions, the culture, the ceremony, the prayers, the wisdom."




"The gathering was meaningful, heart-warming and promising. I look forward to experiencing how this weekend expresses itself in my daily life."

--2011 Participant


"I feel so blessed to have been here!
It was a transformational experience."

- 2012 Participant


"I'm feeling gratitude for tapping into soul stillness, feeling renewed and replenished. I have new ideas for bringing practice into my daily life."   

--2011 Participant

 "I feel sadness in leaving this time together, yet full of enthusiasm and commitment to the path ahead.  I feel connected, more calm and centered."

-2012 Participant


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